Doreen Redford

About Me

imageimageRaised on Oahu from the age of four till 21, then having been separated from the islands in my twenties I realised the deep beauty of Hawaii, and to appreciate authentic healing ways of Hawaiian culture. In coming home I took up the language for two years, studied and wrote about, and spoke out for the aina (land) as an activist for Makua valley, and through a line of serendipitous events I found myself engrossed in the lessons of Lomi Lomi. I have discovered that the way to healing is though the sincere desire to help others on their path through their healing. On this path I heal myself. If you help to create a pono environment the body and mind will heal themselves...

My first teacher was my step-dad, Lawerence Shinsato. He had been trained by Tanouye Tenshin Roshi, from the Chozen-ji, International Zen Dojo in Kalihi. By default I learned about how much pressure the body can take, pressure points and energy lines on the body from him.

Later in my thirties, I was trained under the direction of Kumu Noelani Bennett, daughter of Emma Veary the singer, grand-daughter of Nana Veary, author of 'Change We Must' and Spiritual teacher, at her school, Hands Toward Heaven on Oahu, in the style of Auntie Margaret Machado (Big Island). Auntie Margaret is the first Hawaiian Lomi Practitioner to be licensed in Hawaii, and she paved the way for the rest of us.

Continued studies include the International Institute for Body Rejuvenation in the ways of meditation, and where structural integrity and posture are the focus along with deep work to joints, muscle attachments and muscle belly, and stretching to release adhesions and relax spasms.

Further studies include Lomi A'e taught by Kumu Nani Kapoi. From her I learned how to step on the body in a very therapeutic way. The recipient rests on a mat/futon while the practitioner works the body over with her feet. I recommend this for those 300lbs. and over.

My business name is 'Lomi Lomi To Da Rescue'

In addition to the work I do, I also volunteer with St. Francis Hospice, supporting folks who are going through that ultimate transistion, and have received an award for 'Volunteer of the Year' in 2013. I also volunteer with Family Promise through Christ Church in Kailua, and the Sufi's, helping families find refuge while they are in need of a home.

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